The centre has proposed few innovative outreach programs:

HILL- Himalayan Innovation of Land to Laboratory

To encourage the locals people ‘NAVAASHAY’ encourages common man in the society for developing innovative products under the scheme ‘HILL’. In this scheme, any common man is welcome to approach DIC with his/her innovative idea/design, if any. If found credible, she/he will be, encouraged under the guidance of a faculty member in the relevant area to bring the idea/design to the DIC IIM Kashipur for market survey/ case development/ strategy planning.

HELP-Himalayan Education Learning Program

In order to encourage the next generation of engineers, designers and managers, ‘NAVAASHAY’ has launched HELP to for any academic institution looking to enrich their Design Thinking knowledge through real-life experiences. Whether it is a need for guest speakers or an opportunity for students to see what happens in the daily operations of an engineering, agriculture, management, economics etc., we are here to offer our resources. We have already started discussions with several institutions in the Kashipur, Uttarakhand (India) area, but if you would like to find out more about how you can get your Institution involved, please us to at

HUM- Himalayan Upliftment Movement

In order to support the unbelievable work performed for the development under Himalayan region ‘NAVAASHAY’ has launched an assistance program for new startups built around donating engineering/ management and design services to start-ups in need. During the early stages of start-up development, we understand how difficult it is to find affordable access to top tier management and design services. That’s why this program will help entrepreneurs to brainstorm, create design / writing case reports / development of management skills.