State-of-the-art laboratory and fabrication facilities are developed in partnership with spoke and hub to compliment the facilities in the Institute. This will cater to the needs of the users involved in product development. Work stations are installed for design creation and innovation.


This innovative concept replaces the routine class format in which students do repetitive fixed predefined investigates. The ‘Design Kitchen’ is based on kitchen concept i.e. here all elements for doing hands on work in real setting are provided and students are given freedom to work on various problems and projects under the guidance of mentors.

Rachana Gali

This is an Innovation Gallery explores and illuminate’s issues and ideas, highlights creativity and craftsmanship, and celebrates the limitless potential of materials and techniques when used by creative and innovative students.


This is a Research Cafe at Design Innovation Centre located at Indian Institute of Management Kashipur have been established to present the better form of work/ research in the field of Design and Innovation for Himalayan region. Its main objective is to develop ergonomic/aesthetic/ usable, sense in the works of innovation by design thinking.


The Cyber ​​library based on the Design Innovation Centre (‘NAVAASHAY’) are such efforts that there are various books and journals related to design and innovation and online library where research work can be done with the help of various online sites / works / innovators / libraries related to design thinking.

Gyan Bodhi

Knowledge Bank is the latest program of ‘Design Innovation Centre’ under which anyone can compile their innovative ideas that are related to design and innovation and innovative research, under those compiled ideas, if any other researcher or new explorer. If you want to get used to it or want to work on it, then it will be helpful to you and to provide that new idea Program will be combined with that task


Design Counseling is a program of ‘Design Innovation Centre, under which students and students studying at the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur can remove all the misconceptions related to design and innovation and answer through immediate experimental projects on new discoveries and problems. One can move one step towards achieving.


A Volunteering Program Design Innovative Centre (‘NAVAASHAY’) invites students and students studying at Indian Institute of Management Kashipur for academic dissemination of works related to design and innovation as a DIC volunteer.

Nav Din

Session on following Topics

  • Monday           – Agriculture
  • Tuesday           – Technology
  • Wednesday     – Economics
  • Thursday         – Management
  • Friday              – Make with Fun


‘NAVAASHAY’ invites students of schools/ institutes (bachelor, postgraduate) to work with the students of IIM Kashipur, Uttarakhand (India) to address the challenges of North- Western Himalayan Region. On satisfactorily completion of work, certificates will be provide in duration of 6months per year.